FaceBook Makes Mobil Access Number One Priority

As could be expected FaceBook is moving hard and fast to address mobile usage as the primary issue they want to address this year. With iPhone and Google both not excited to support FaceBook users and current apps falling short on ease of use FB sees this as a big problem needing to be solved.

And it’s mobile access acquisitions FB wanted to make that was a big part of the reason they sought out some investors. So now that FB has the money (1.5 billion) and the desire to make it happen we should see some real action on FB getting mobile users much better mobile access tools

Amplify’d from techland.time.com
Facebook Names Mobile The Number One Priority in 2011

Facebook had their own pseudo-State of the Union at the Inside Social Apps conference in San Francisco, Calif. where they discussed the biggest concerns and changes for the company. Number one on their list was improving mobile functionality according to Chief Technical Officer Bret Taylor. More than 200 million people are accessing Facebook on their phones each day, and they’re twice as active as regular Web users.

This means that they’re using their new money, including the $1.5 billion raised with Goldman Sachs, to buy mobile start-ups to make them more competitive against Google and other companies who have a head up on the mobile game. “We’re really focused on acquisitions,”Taylor said according to the Wall Street Journal. “Every investment we make is aligning ourselves with the vision of being a platform company.”

Some changes the company hopes to make are improving Facebook Connect so it is more accessible to mobile apps. That includes single sign-ons, so you don’t have to log into every Facebook-related website or app you access. Facebook Places is still being pushed, and they hope to improve functionality with that as well to allow for location based apps. They also hope to move toward programming in HTML5 to remove the necessity to test on different platforms (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc.).“HTML5 is the future platform,” he said. “That’s where we’re putting a huge amount of our resources.”

For one, if Facebook is going to become my main communication method on and off my phone, I’d like easier access to the new messaging system instead of having to go through the Facebook app. What changes do you want to see in Facebook Mobile in 2011?

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