A Different Thanksgiving Day…. 2012.

We’ve all heard them and we’ve all made them… those wonderful posts about all the good things life has given us and how thankful we are!

And over the years we’ve found lots of time to say thank you while praying that we always have life’s blessings and that life treat us well while showering us with all we need and want. 

For it’s the treasures and pleasures that we welcome and honor each day not life’s stumbles and tumbles that we know cause us our pains and stop all our gains. 

And so while we’ve written of the families who love us… The kids that we’ve had… Those annoying life problems we’ve beaten and solved…The friends who’ve stayed loyal and true… And those jobs that we’ve both loved and those we’ve only survived… It’s always with those thoughts and voices raised high we’ve cried out our praise.

But I wonder if we’ve thought about what we’ve forgot and if we truly know just what all we should say “Thank you!” for?

As it’s not just the good that life gives us that we should stop and enjoy while raising our voices in songs of good cheer.

For it’s not just life’s pleasure, successes, and wonderful times that make up life’s wealth it’s also all the things we’ve not loved nor wanted that are part of God’s gifts and and His great love. 

So with at thought in mind this year I also want to also say “Thank You, Lord!” for the many things you’ve given me that haven’t been blessings.

For it’s the hateful and evil one’s you’ve shown me that have made me know of the power and joy of Love and Good Deeds. And it’s the liars and cheats that have made me to see the value of honor and truth. While the false profits and those who’ve born false witness have been the one’s that have taught me the true value of justice and righteousness in the world. And it’s been when I was hungry that I most knew the blessing of a good meal not when the turkey and dressing were all there to eat.

So for all those things Lord you’ve given me that I’ve never thought of as good nor pleasant, all the things that have hurt me and made me cry out in pain and displeasure, I want to say “Thank You, Lord!”.

For I have come to see that it’s all the things I’ve seen as “bad” that have been the things that have taught and made me who I am much more than all the “good” things that I’ve been given. So for those wonderful gifts you’ve given me in life I’m appreciative and for the most part not deserving of receiving… but it’s all those things that I hated that have truly been You’re greatest gifts to me.

So it’s all of life, the good, the bad, and the ugly that I’m thankful for this year as each is as necessary as the other if we are to be truly blessed. And God’s greatest gifts aren’t found just in the joys and pleasures of life but also in it’s pains, trials, and displeasures.

With that thought I close with a loud “Thank You, Lord, for ALL You have give me in life…. and what You promise me in death!”

Frank Woodman Jr… Thanksgiving 2012


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