I am an Entrepreneur!


The entrepreneur is like the farmer… he always believes that a crop planted will grow and develop into a great harvest. 

And in those years that a great harvest doesn’t happen he never lets that hurt his faith that one or even many bad crops doesn’t mean that the next crop won’t be just fine.

We all need to learn to keep that simple belief that if you plant and tend your ideas they will grow and develop into a bountiful harvest.

But remember if we are to succeed we have to keep faith in our ideas, watering and nourishing them often, while weeding and keeping the pests out so they stay healthy and strong.

So take some time today and tend to your patch of “ideas” and be sure they are well watered, fed, and weed free. If you do your harvest will turn out just fine.


One thought on “I am an Entrepreneur!

  1. Hi Frank,

    Absolutely wonderful mate 🙂 With all ups and downs, that simple belief is what stand us to be focus on what’s next without worrying about bad outcomes.

    I always believe in that though sometimes I don’t see a light end of the tunnel 🙂


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