What Ever Happened to Pong and PackMan?

I was just sitting here looking at some ads for Christmas stuff and it’s amazing to me to see the games we are buying and giving to our children.

I remember the first video games like Pong…PackMan… Donkey Kong… Asteroids… Space Invaders… no real violence or hurting in any of them… but now all the games are about killing, stealing, and tearing things up… and yet we wonder at the violence in our society.

IMO any society that makes killing, stealing, raping, and other violent crimes into games need look no further to see one of the true causes of violence in our youth. 


2 thoughts on “What Ever Happened to Pong and PackMan?

  1. Hi Frank,

    In my childhood I remember playing games like Super Mario, Duck Hunt, Moto Racer in first days when I don’t have a PC 😉 Well, there was some violence in few games I did play on PC, but I don’t remember I was thinking about violence in that point rather than trying to accomplish game objectives though 🙂 I still do play games with violence and to be honest, I just thinking about the strategy to save bullets and enter into the next level without getting killed 😉

    Nowadays children are even more exposed. 53% traffic goes to PORN websites. Is it only adults?

    Actually I see they are enjoying the game with their friends when I hear of gaming talks going on. But suddenly I hear about sex act, thrill of stealing, cheating… Now what’s that? I feel some games vaccinate the ideas through the community.

    Not only games, but you know, movies are terrible too. I almost see movies that girls talking about losing virginity and it’s just that simple. Shame on ’em.

    However someone can define a scenario in different ways 🙂 I see kids still playing games and deal with violence there in the game, but nothing more than that. When I see I feel “Oh gosh, my good old days”. But still they are not following ’em in real life. It’s just me thinking, but I have a point there too.

    There are incidents it converts him/her to a monster too. I think for children, the parental guidance is always matters, more than ever.


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