On This Night Before Christmas… One Thought For Us All


‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the net

Not a blogger was blogging, nor a tweet was to be found

As all were too busy tracking Santa around


For ‘twas said it was he who brings gifts to the world on this night

But while Santa’s a wonderful tail for the us all to enjoy

Santa’s certainly not the true reason to remember this season


As its Christ coming that brought us glad tidings and joy

And it’s His love and salvation that’s our precious gift from above

So share your toys and trinkets and gadgets galore as alway before


But never say Santa’s the real reason to share in this season

Nor think that things of this world are all we should seek and enjoy

As neither like Jesus brings salvation nor peace and love to this world


So remember the story of Santa is fine as a fable

But Christ is the one who was born in the stable.




One thought on “On This Night Before Christmas… One Thought For Us All

  1. Hi Frank,

    Even I’m not a Christian, I believe Jesus is to spread the peace and love among living beings in this World 🙂

    Actually I’ve never believed Santa is true ’cause I haven’t grow up with that thought in mind and never had gifts at that time, but he’s a symbolic character filled with joy, peace and love. So I love this character and enjoyed all the time with my friends in the Christmas even I had no Christian friends in my first days of childhood 🙂

    It’s need to be remembered why this occasion is being celebrated and I hope many knows it though the talking goes mostly about Santa all over. To be honest, I haven’t heard someone claims the real reason is Santa but not Jesus. I don’t know if someone else celebrate it in other way too. However I think you might have seen it or heard it somewhere 🙂


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