Thoughts and Best Wishes on New Years Eve 2012

Well it’s soon to be a New Year and let’s hope that it’s better for most of us than last year was. 
We saw lots of storms, terrible human tragedies, and our great country reduced to a total mess with our government doing little beyond making things worse by the minute during 2012.
And while we are still watching much of this unfold we can only hope that things will improve. But life is always about hope and rebirth as we move to this New Year just as it is every New Year’s Day. For problems will always be with us but so will hope… and in the end it’s those that hold on to hope and keep striving to move on that make our world work.
Anyway it looks better here already as we’ve gotten some much needed moisture in the form of snow. And seeing the beautiful snow lying so softly on the ground makes the world look so pretty outside my window. I hope that’s a sign of more “beauty” to come this year in all our lives. 

So it’s with thoughts of a beautiful world I wish everyone in my family, all my friends, and those that follow me here and one all the other sites I’m on a wondrous new year filled with good things.

And I pray God bless you all and God Bless America throughout this and all the coming years.

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