Don’t just buy American!

I watched a company die today. There was no press notice, no music, and no fan fair. Just tears and sadness for it’s not a company that most would know and it won’t be missed by many as it was a small local company. A company not unlike all the millions of other little companies that are struggling to survive today.

But unlike the big companies that litter the landscape today it was the kind of place that everyone knew everyone else. And the owner went to the plays and recitals of the kids of his employees more often than he went to the country club to be with his cronies. For his workers have been more like family and friends too him over the years than employees. But the times have taken their toll and the ever growing regulations and rules along with the competition of the giant corporations finally won out. And a dream was extinguished as workers went home never to return.

 As an accountant I see such things every day. And I know just what outsourcing, technology, and the general struggles that small businesses suffer today are doing to our economy. And of course I support the buy American movement that’s sprung up again in this country. But I would suggest that people keep in mind that we shouldn’t just seek to “buy American”. 

For it’s not enough to change from buying from a giant company making its goods in China to buying from a giant company making its goods in America.

It’s time we understood that supporting small businesses in our local neighborhoods and towns is as important as bring work back to America.

For small business is the driving engine that truly keeps us creative and provides the unique nature and spirit of the American dream and all it means. In few other countries can anyone achieve the dreams of their heart as they can here in America. It’s that’s ability to dream and realize that dream that built America and it’s a dream we are letting Washington and the bureaucrats steal from us by giving all the advantages to the big companies.

Unless we recaptured our ability to control our working destiny we will have let the huge multi-national corporations win and it will mean the loss of jobs the like of which we’ve not seen before. And there is no better way to do this than to support small local businesses.

So don’t just buy American, buy local from a business that has its roots supporting the community you live and work in. For when you support and feed a neighbor you support and grow your community. And when you support and grow your community you provide for your future and your children’s, children’s future.


4 thoughts on “Don’t just buy American!

  1. According to a study If business large or small don’t have a proper social media presence they will die within 5 years. A small company must embrace Social media or they will die. To survive you also need word of mouth along with people who can help you spread the word online about your business. Yes Regulations are killing small business, they were created with the purpose of destroying large corporations competition. Most laws that are passed today are because The company wants there competitors killed. If you don’t believe this look at the laws being created. No law can be understood without a large team of lawyers looking over them. Our country has passed its prime. Our laws are not laws that help the average person, all they do now is enslave the whole country. More Laws will always destroy small business but help large corporations. This is my take on it. The IRS needs to complete disappear. We need to move to a flat tax where everyone pays no matter how rich or how poor they are. IRS is the problem hands down.

    A several years ago I tried to start a business I just quite to much red tape. I lost money in the end. Again The IRS is the problem They caused me to quite because Being poor you need lots of money and education to get a business going. I thought, I could do it with out education and money nope. Starting a business is only for those who have gone to college and who have money. But I still want to start a business. Everyone wants to have a business but not everyone is allowed to have one.

  2. Sadly the regulations and rules that are required to understand and run a business have grown to be come a real impediment for even established businesses not just new businesses. But I would content that if you build the right support network it’s still possible for even the poorest to start a business. I know that I’ve helped many to do just that. But it takes looking for and understanding how to build such a network that is the real problem. That’s where social media can shine. There are lots of good people out there that will help knowing that it’s the new companies that turn into their clients of the future.

    • Thanks for the comment Louise and your correct it’s hard to see people suffer while their dreams die.

      A business is like much of life as it dies without a support network and customers (clients) are that support network. And right now too many don’t fully realize how the changes in the technology of the world at large are affecting the quality and substantiality of life at the local level.

      We all need to remember there is much more to buying something than just getting the lowest price on your purchase. For buying is much like everything else there is much going on besides just the exchange of money for goods or services.

      When we buy from that large chain store or purchase from sites like Amazon we affect the lives of many people. That purchase could have meant money and support to someone local. Someone who may be a friend or a family member but is most certainly a member of the same community you are.

      And that money staying local and the jobs and community it supports are what keeps our towns and small cities from drying up and dying.

      So every local dollar you spend multiplies and works locally. There is a return on that activity that goes beyond just the “price” paid. For there is a ROI in buying too and that ROI needs to stay local as much as possible. Other wise we become just a sales number on some corporate computer in a distant market that cares little or nothing about us beyond our ability to buy their goods.

      Remember when you buy local you support your family, friends, and neighbors. You keep people and their jobs close. You help keep your schools and social activities active and strong.

      Buying is sharing what you have with others so they may share with those around them. Don’t send that support and sharing off to some place else if you can avoid it.

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