Rumor has it the new FCC chair is Tom Wheeler, a former cable lobbyist

Again we see the close ties between industry and it’s supposed watch dogs. This is simply too close a tie to the cable lobby at a time we need fair and open controls.


The Wall Street Journal is reporting that President Obama will nominate Tom Wheeler as the next chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, a choice that has been anticipated for weeks. Wheeler was the top choice to replace Julius Ganachowski, who said he would step down in late March.

Wheeler’s history as a former cable and wireless lobbyist (he was the president of the National Cable Television Association and as well as the former CEO of the Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association) might give some pause, although other chairpersons have had close industry ties, including Genachowski, who was an entrepreneur but also a former executive for media company head Barry Diller — an area regulated by the FCC. Wheeler is currently a managing director at D.C.-based firm Core Capital Partners.

So, rather than presend the revolving door between politics and industry doesn’t exist, we’ll point out that Wheeler has…

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