And Nothing Happened

I always tell people when they start talking about something from the news like a shooting or something.. “Ever stop to think that in a city like Wichita that last night 3 or 4 hundred thousand people went home last night and went to bed and absolutely nothing bad happened to them at all.. but that’s not the news we want to hear.” We tend to miss the morning sun as being a miracle all by itself.. to forget that some of the best things that happen to us in life are the bad things that don’t happen. If you wake up safe and sound… well fed and able to walk around.. you should remember that you’re better off than 2/3 rds of the worlds population.. I thank God every day just for those simple blessings.. and I know that many will forget about them till they are gone and then feel sad at their loss.. I chose to think about them now rather than then.


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