The Bell Tolls for Us All..

Only two common events are absolutely shared by all… one is death the other is personal suffering… for all of us will die and all of us will suffer personally. Some more than others but all suffer… and it’s sad to see that often there is little to be done beyond holding out a hand to help someone up… but it’s in the commonness of facing death and the commonness of our suffering that we see how little we are really different… Whether poor or rich… young or old… life takes its toll on us… and we all need both help and love to make it through with any chance of happiness… We see this most when death and suffering come together publically… from a death like Robin Williams to something more sinister like a school shooting or a child abduction we suddenly come face to face with the fact we are all only players on a stage saying the same lines and trying to make them different… So how do we survive and make sense of these things… simple … love and care for each other… hold out a hand to those in need… never judge or hurt those already hurting… and most of all be thankful for what we have and share what we can.


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