My Thoughts on the Paycheck Fairness Act of 2014

The Paycheck Fairness Act of 2014 as written was one that the Democrats knew would never pass with the Republicans and as it was presented was nothing more than an attempt to brand Republicans as being against women and equal pay… This has become the new way both parties play dirty and try to brand the other as anti-something… People need to read and understand the bill being presented and as amended before they brand either party as bad for not passing it… (Text of bill… )  

It’s important to remember that anytime one party in its entirety votes against something there is usually a good reason… And the very reason that we see so little ‘compromise’ while stalemate rules the day is that both parties work hard to hide and push through items that they know the other party won’t accept by blackmailing them with bills written such that the other party simply won’t accept them and/or attaching amendments to bills that sound great till you dig into the details. So the idea is certainly admirable that women obtain equal pay for equal work however this bill wasn’t the way to obtain it… It largely loosened the language that allows for Federal regulations and fines while being nothing more than a rewrite of the current existing regulations to make it much easier to have law suites and legal actions while changing little else. That in the end hasn’t been shown to help equalize pay but only to increase government intervention and civil law suits which encourages companies to simply redefine job titles and descriptions to hide the inequity of pay between the sexes. Any bill or law that is designed to encourage more lawsuits and increase government regulations while extend the government’s involvement in running things should be looked at with close scrutiny. The simple fact is we don’t need more government intervention in most areas of our lives and businesses.

The final thing to note is how Obama and other Democrats (and to be fair Republicans as well) still pay much less to women working in the very offices of legislators that purport to be so strongly in favor of equal pay for women… USA Today’s take on the failure of lawmakers to follow equal pay for women laws shows that all too well.   which followed closely what Investors Daily wrote here… While Forbes wrote to the issue of this issue being used more for political gain than to address the problem…

So when it comes to this matter IMHO both parties have failed and the bill as written was only intended to provide political fodder for the upcoming elections. It’s time to address this issue with a bill that’s truly designed to address this issue and it’s certainly time to demand that the very politicians that want to write laws for private businesses and organizations regarding equal pay for women  be required to first follow that principal themselves.  Lawmakers without the principals and ethics to follow fair and equitable practices in hiring and pay will never write laws that truly address this issue as they have no understanding of either this issue or fairness in general.


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