Dr. Bones

Just heard from a cousin that she’s in the process of making a poem she wrote into a children’s book… I’ve always loved the poem and I’m sure the book will be great too. Some art work and such to get finished but she’s looking to have it out by Christmas.
Dr. Bones
Running, jumping, and
More clowning around,
One, two, three,
And then you fall down.
Sometimes you land
all wrong in the fall,
Then mom has to give
Ol’ Dr. Bones a call.
Dr. Bones is real nice,
All smiles and grins
He’s said it before,
He’ll “see you again,”
He sends you on back
To his x-ray machine
Then he calls in mom
To show what he’s seen.
Dr. Bones says it’s broke
And you know that he’s right.
The crack shows as clear
As the bone through the light.
A cast is needed and
That much he knew,
But then he says
“One thing’s still up to you.”
What color is your favorite,
Pink,red,blue or white?
Your cast can even
Glow bright in the night.
When you’ve picked out the color
That is just right for you.
Then Dr Bones will do
What he needs to do.
                   ~Lonna Larkey   summer 1994

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