Is Your Accountant Current or are They Sadly Behind the New Regs.

The conclusion of the Sage Small Business Sentiment Survey is that in the U.S. 74% of small business owners use outside accountants because of the complexity of the tax law (68% of small business owners in Canada do so).

But in studies many of these outside accountants are not keeping up or doing all they could for their clients. Again because of the complexity of the tax code. It requires lots of attention and study to keep up and to stay current with tax laws and case study and sadly many accountants are failing to so do.

So be sure and check to see your accountant is staying current and don’t be afraid to ask for a review of your return and the tax strategies involved. If your accountant can’t explain it to you they can’t explain it to the IRS either. As the old adage goes “trust but verify”.

Rumor has it the new FCC chair is Tom Wheeler, a former cable lobbyist


Again we see the close ties between industry and it’s supposed watch dogs. This is simply too close a tie to the cable lobby at a time we need fair and open controls.

Originally posted on Gigaom:

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that President Obama will nominate Tom Wheeler as the next chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, a choice that has been anticipated for weeks. Wheeler was the top choice to replace Julius Ganachowski, who said he would step down in late March.

Wheeler’s history as a former cable and wireless lobbyist (he was the president of the National Cable Television Association and as well as the former CEO of the Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association) might give some pause, although other chairpersons have had close industry ties, including Genachowski, who was an entrepreneur but also a former executive for media company head Barry Diller — an area regulated by the FCC. Wheeler is currently a managing director at D.C.-based firm Core Capital Partners.

So, rather than presend the revolving door between politics and industry doesn’t exist, we’ll point out that Wheeler has…

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It amazes me

It amazes me that so many say God doesn’t exist because they can’t see or feel him yet few of these same people deny the existence of many things that can’t be seen or felt. 

The love of another, the beauty of a sunset, and so may other things can’t be seen, measured, or touched yet they are believed in. 

So why do many chose to not believe in God? IMO it’s because to do so means they have obligations and rules they must accept and follow and they don’t want to be made to do so.

Sadly someday they will see the mistake they’ve deluded themselves into accepting but it will be too late. For the God they chose not to follow will be the same God that will judge their failure to do so.

Evernote Announces Major Security Breach

It seems that Evernote is the latest of the large sites to be hacked and this one is a major breach. Evernote says that all usernames and passwords were stolen from their servers.

And while those passwords and user names were encrypted they are requiring that all passwords be reset as an additional precaution against unauthorized access to user accounts.

So if you use or have an Evernote account get over there and reset your password ASAP. And look for and install the updates Evernote will be releasing over the next day or two.

Lets not let this breach become worse than it already is.

We can control much of life by how we let it affect us. And while the events in our lives aren’t always under our control how we chose to feel about them are. So remember much of life is looking for the magic and overlooking the tragic. quote Frank Woodman Jr

Don’t just buy American!

I watched a company die today. There was no press notice, no music, and no fan fair. Just tears and sadness for it’s not a company that most would know and it won’t be missed by many as it was a small local company. A company not unlike all the millions of other little companies that are struggling to survive today.

But unlike the big companies that litter the landscape today it was the kind of place that everyone knew everyone else. And the owner went to the plays and recitals of the kids of his employees more often than he went to the country club to be with his cronies. For his workers have been more like family and friends too him over the years than employees. But the times have taken their toll and the ever growing regulations and rules along with the competition of the giant corporations finally won out. And a dream was extinguished as workers went home never to return.

 As an accountant I see such things every day. And I know just what outsourcing, technology, and the general struggles that small businesses suffer today are doing to our economy. And of course I support the buy American movement that’s sprung up again in this country. But I would suggest that people keep in mind that we shouldn’t just seek to “buy American”. 

For it’s not enough to change from buying from a giant company making its goods in China to buying from a giant company making its goods in America.

It’s time we understood that supporting small businesses in our local neighborhoods and towns is as important as bring work back to America.

For small business is the driving engine that truly keeps us creative and provides the unique nature and spirit of the American dream and all it means. In few other countries can anyone achieve the dreams of their heart as they can here in America. It’s that’s ability to dream and realize that dream that built America and it’s a dream we are letting Washington and the bureaucrats steal from us by giving all the advantages to the big companies.

Unless we recaptured our ability to control our working destiny we will have let the huge multi-national corporations win and it will mean the loss of jobs the like of which we’ve not seen before. And there is no better way to do this than to support small local businesses.

So don’t just buy American, buy local from a business that has its roots supporting the community you live and work in. For when you support and feed a neighbor you support and grow your community. And when you support and grow your community you provide for your future and your children’s, children’s future.

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