The End of an Era.. But Not the End of WinPatrol

Since I became involved with IT back in 1994 I’ve came to love WinPatrol.. one handy little security tool that I simply have came to depend on.. Does it’s job and does it very well with little load on a system it can show you and help you fix or resolve so many problems it’s amazing.

And for all that time it’s been developed and managed by one man Bill Pytlovany.. And he’s simply one of tecks great guys. Never has he let his program become the avenue for serving up tool bars and adware/malware as so many small independent developers. And I can assure you he could have made a small fortune putting things like the ‘ask toolbar’ as an add in.. but he’s never done it and swore he never would.

But sadly all things come to an end even a labor of love like Bill had with WinPatrol. And he’s sold is baby… but luckily for us who love and understand just how rare WinPatrol has been in the IT world for staying true to it’s mission Bill found someone else who seems to share his vision….  Bret Lowry… 

In his statement published with the announcement his words reassured me that Bill picked the right guy…


My commitment to WinPatrol customers is as follows:

One, your lifetime PLUS licenses are just that, lifetime licenses. That was the easiest topic in our negotiation and is written into the contract.

Two, WinPatrol will not have toolbars or other “add-ins” added to it or its installer. Installers that do that drive me crazy because I’m the guy people call to “fix” their computer after the installer completes its hijacking. I am not going to do that to my customers.

Three, I will be responsible for answering support questions, even more incentive to play nicely and stand-by item two above. And

Four, I use WinPatrol myself and therefore am committed to the continued improvement of WinPatrol. I am honored to have earned Bill’s trust and confidence in his allowing me to purchase WinPatrol. Bill has run WinPatrol with integrity since its inception, as a founder of Ruiware (along with my wife), I promise we will carry on that tradition.” ~ Bret Lowry.


So with those words those of us who love WinPatrol have hope for the future that the passing of the guard will leave in place all we’ve came to love about this program. 

With that in mind I would suggest you check out WinPatrol if you haven’t already. You won’t be disappointed in what does as a program and supporting it will continue to keep at least one program free from the leaches that attach themselves to far to much software today. 

PS.. I”m not alone in my assessment of this transition as Fran Parker’s (Fran’s Computer Service) shows in her great post… 


Thoughts for the Day 7/23/2014

“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.” ~John C. Maxwell


We become more and more the habits we build and the route we establish.. Don’t let the path you walk become a rut.~.Frank Woodman 2014

One ‘Old Man’ Remembers.

As another “old man” that remembers how it was to be a kid when I was growing up often I find myself daydreaming about the differences in my childhood and the childhood our youth have today.. And in my mind I see those simpler times.. When families were strong, values were firm, and work and dedication were expected..  So it’s with pain in my heart that I think about many of our youth today… So many largely miss out on real life and interactions as each passing day their lives continue to become ever more an electronic mirage that has no substance nor meaning. And the values of family, hard work, and respect fade further into the past with each passing day.. I can only pray that God save this generation before it’s too late to turn back. ~ Frank Woodman 2014

I’ve Always Thought of Life as Being Like a Bus Ride

I’ve always thought of life as being like a bus ride.. You get on and off lots of times and you travel many routes along which you meet and come to know a lot of the other riders… Some share just a small part of the route you travel while others travel the same one and you see them every day. And you never know when other’s will change their rough, the buss will be late, or you’ll have to wait in the rain! The trick is to sit back, enjoy the ride, and share it with all the other travelers you meet along the way. Just don’t wait too long as the end of the line always seems to arrive before we know it. ~ Frank Woodman 2014   

Alone or Just in Good Company?

I’ve never seen being alone as being by yourself.. you have your thoughts and ideas to keep you company and usually they are better company than most people.. But I’ve found if you can’t stand to be by yourself and spend time only with your own thoughts and emotions then you’ve really not discovered and made peace with yourself.. and if you’ve not found yourself then it’s impossible to truly share life with others.. and while it’s a journey to become comfortable in your own skin one has to learn to be happy with the good, the bad, and the ugly of who and what we are or you’ll never find peace and harmony with life. ~ Frank Woodman 2014

Certain old adages have stood the test of time…. In real estate it’s… Location, Location, Location… In IT and computers it’s… Back up, Back Up, Back Up… and in financial planning it’s… Save, Save, Save…

And Nothing Happened

I always tell people when they start talking about something from the news like a shooting or something.. “Ever stop to think that in a city like Wichita that last night 3 or 4 hundred thousand people went home last night and went to bed and absolutely nothing bad happened to them at all.. but that’s not the news we want to hear.” We tend to miss the morning sun as being a miracle all by itself.. to forget that some of the best things that happen to us in life are the bad things that don’t happen. If you wake up safe and sound… well fed and able to walk around.. you should remember that you’re better off than 2/3 rds of the worlds population.. I thank God every day just for those simple blessings.. and I know that many will forget about them till they are gone and then feel sad at their loss.. I chose to think about them now rather than then.